An Intrinsic Love for IMAGES and TRAVEL

Capturing Magic Through The Lens

We are fortunate to have a shared interest in, and be able to, travel – both within Australia and overseas. While sharing this interest with the art of photography, our application varies as you will see from these examples and any exhibitions of our work you may visit.

While most of our work is generated by our own interests, we can also be contacted to discuss work on commission.


One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

I discovered textiles when I was very young and it has played a part in my life ever since. From the pragmatic demands of knitting and sewing garments as a child to more experimental ventures with free machine embroidery and now quilting many of my digital images, I have travelled a number of fibre art paths.


Moments Captured, Memories stored, Without Interruption

I enjoy the challenge of creating images, whether they are of  everyday objects and scenes, or of  exotic places and events. The challenge of visualising the image, creating a well lit scene, and then producing a finished print or digital image is most satisfying. I hope you enjoy them too!

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